5 Best Exercises to Do in Menopause

5 best exercises to do in menopause. Practicing regularly is a good strategy to burn fat and improve mood in menopause, though In addition, physical activity brings benefits such as reducing the risk of heart disease, strengthening legs, fighting sudden mood swings and also nervousness and insomnia, so common in this phase. Regular physical activity also releases endorphins in the bloodstream, promoting physical and physical activity emotional well-being, which makes the woman feel more comfortable and confident, but to take Advantage of all these benefits is indicated to exert at least 2 times a week for 1 hour or daily for 30 minutes at an intensity capable of increasing the heart rate.

Some good examples of exercises to undergo menopause are:

1. Step. The walk can be held near the house, on the treadmill of the gym or at the edge of the beach or lake. It stimulates leg supplementation and preserves the elasticity of the arteries and even burned calories, which contribute to maintaining the ideal weight.

2. Hydrogeology. Water aerobics classes are an excellent option for menopause physical activity because it work the whole body and do not cause joint damage. Also you do not have to be bothered by sweating because the water refreshes the body.

3. Dance. Dance Classes improves motor coordination and the idea of ​​space as well as the promotion of well-being and socialization. If you have never danced in your life, you can experience a kind of dance that you like dancing like Latin or even dancing dance.  Zumba class gymnasiums are also a good option for the body active.

4. Pilates. Pilates mattress exercises are great for increasing flexibility and keeping your muscles so smooth as possible. In addition, the classes are quieter and do not promote sweating many, and exercises help to improve the strength of the pelvic floor muscles, fighting and prevention of urinary incontinence, improvement of libido and intimate contact.

5. Bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is an excellent choice for strengthening muscles and legs, which tends to become more fragile and brittle at this stage of a woman’s life. In addition, exercises can be adjusted and slowed down to the heat waves of menopause. Exercises when exercised regularly are very effective in controlling blood pressure It tends to increase in menopause. with pressure under control there is a lower risk of heart disease and consequently suffering from a heart attack. Although some exercises can be done alone or at home, the ideal must be accompanied by a physical instructor so that he is aware of the correct performance of the exercises and changes in heartbeat..

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