Grenfell death toll ‘may be below 80’

Commander Stuart Cundy said progress made in recovering remains was "much higher" than he had expected three months ago.In the initial weeks following the fire, police were unwilling to speculate on the final death toll.That left some people convinced that the eventual figure would be much higher

Schizophrenia – have you got it wrong?

One in 100 people has schizophrenia, but 45% of those surveyed thought the illness was much more common.Half mistakenly thought the illness was defined by a split personality and a quarter believed it definitely led to violent behaviour.But the reality is very different, a new campaign by

Ex-footballer Clarke Carlisle found safe

Image copyright Michael McKinlay Image caption Clarke Carlisle has spoken about mental health issues to raise awareness of the condition He has spoken previously about attempting to take his own life in his 20s and also when he

NHS workers demand 3.9% pay rise

In it, the unions argue that increasing pay would help tackle the shortages of staff being seen in the health service.Public sector pay rise cap to be liftedReality check: Is public sector pay higher than private sector?UK inflation rises to 2.9%Earlier this year, research by the Royal

MSP claims Skye is not a ‘real island’

When is an island not an island?During a meeting with officials from the bill team, Mr Mason asked: "Was it unanimous that something like Skye should be included? It says that bridges are ignored, but surely Skye doesn't have the problems of ferries and transport which real

Cycle groups warn over ‘car-dooring’

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionA driving instructor explains how the 'Dutch reach' works A campaign to raise awareness of "car-dooring" is needed to save lives on Britain's roads, Cycling UK has said.The campaign group says cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians are

Pay cap to be lifted for police officers

The West Midlands Police and Crime commissioner has warned that, in such a scenario, 80 jobs would be lost for every 1% rise above the current cap."If the government do not put aside money to fund the pay increase, PCCs will be left with large bills and