Cold War laser threatens Big Pharma profits – Al Sears, M.D.

Nearly 40 years ago, scientists from the Soviet Union developed a miracle therapy. Since then it’s been used throughout Eastern Europe and Asia. More than 85 institutions in over 37 countries have used it successfully to treat millions of people. And more than 2,500 scientific papers attest to its power to treat more than 35 conditions.1

But in Europe and America this treatment has remained a casualty of the Cold War. It’s unlikely your doctor has ever heard of this treatment, thanks to the long-time political divide between the U.S. and Russia.

And there’s another reason…

Big Pharma has a vice-like grip on western medicine. If a treatment doesn’t boost their bottom line, it will never see the light of day with most doctors.

I’m talking about intravenous (IV) laser blood therapy.

IV lasers are a HUGE threat to Big Pharma’s drug arsenal. It could put their whole pain pill industry out of business.

You see, low-level light from IV lasers increase blood flow. It reduces inflammation. It activates your immune system. It also energizes your mitochondria — the energy plants in your cells — to boost vigor and vitality.

All of that adds up to less pain. It even helps with chronic back pain…

IV lasers increase circulation, boost “feel good” endorphins and increase your pain threshold. They’ve been used to help heal spinal injuries, herniated discs and joint arthritis.

In one case study, a 16-year-old boy with juvenile arthritis had joint swelling, pain and tenderness throughout his body. He had 16 joints with active arthritis and 47 joints with limited range of motion. Doctors put him on NSAIDs, steroids, painkillers and even chemo drugs.

Nothing worked. As a last resort they added IV laser therapy to his treatment. After just three months he was able to stop his steroids. After nine months his markers of inflammation had returned to normal. And he stopped all but one of his drugs.2

IV laser therapy has also been used in cases of chronic pain, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Read More

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