Health Nuts Swap Diets With Junk Food Addicts

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she’s healthier than me ever since I can remember I have made a conscious effort in my life to have a incredibly clean and healthy diet I am vegan and I tend not to eat too much gluten eating food is equal to happiness so I really need to focus on eating what I like a lot of junk food usually my mom was really into health and said something I grew up with I’m sure that when I start eating healthy it’ll probably you know do something magical I mean if it doesn’t I’m never going to eat healthy so I think for me it’s gonna be hard mentally but physically it’s gonna be harder for you Sean Sean so literally all my favorite is OK pizza oh you put in parentheses I can usually eat the whole pizza no vegetables on it so I guess I mean a whole pizza let’s go so breakfast smoothie I like smoothies blueberries kale banana weak threat spotter what’s we feel the grass is on it’s a grass so I’m eating grass yeah I think one out of ten I’ll do maybe like eight think I’m really terrible so Saturday morning I went to get the smoothie for my breakfast smoothie and then I got a wheatgrass shot because they had it she’s gonna happen we trash shot and you like wine ha it’s like not good at all it’s like warm grass I did the whole Saturday morning cartoon thing in bed with my bees just really really sugary I don’t know if I can eat a whole bowl of this was I good so it’s 11:50 and I finished a smoothie while I was driving and I am so hungry I’m used to very carb heavy breakfast I was getting kind of hungry so I went to yoga Saturday afternoon I was really tired during class it’s as if the sugar from the cereal just rushed to my brain and all I want to do is go get a giant green juice cleanse the sugar out of my system sky is drinking something healthy what’s your drinkin ah I cheated okay but after dinner I made up for it I ate a whole bunch of Doritos I’m gonna eat so many of these these are amazing Wow right sweetie time oh it’s good oh I was sent he’s like really bad that’s really good I even went hiking with my dog and I was like feeling good I was like yeah I feel healthy and I have energy the only sucky part was like after I came back home ala super hungry you know and tired but I had to cook again I really failed I failed hard I’m just getting a minute I should have been better I should have stuck to the experiment more but I felt the effects and Sunday night dinner I went through the Burger King dry food you are the last person I would imagine even accepting this challenge because of how often we discuss health and how often I see you doing like push-ups in our backyard hi can I have a small fries and a coke like I feel if anyone saw me doing ruin my image french fries and ketchup I don’t know like Oh have a burning desire to eat the rest of this I’m not craving this I’m craving a green goose so make the count noodles with pesto salad kale I want other stuff I want like chicken wings and I want burgers pizza other stuff to go with it I would prefer it with just like normal noodles I think that would be really really good but this is a healthy alternative I’m really glad I did this challenge it was really like I learned a lot I learned how to cook a little bit and I learned about a lot of other ingredients that I didn’t know about like I realized throughout this experience that the food that I eat is so much a part of my identity and not having it I feel like I’m not myself [Music] sweet chili Doritos are the bomb it’s all good salable back Oh

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