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How to Take Coconut Water to Lower Cholesterol

How To Take Coconut Water To Lower Cholesterol. Coconut water, in addition to very tasty, has properties that help to reduce cholesterol, and through greater capacity to hydrate than pure water is ideal for taking business of diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration. The reduction of cholesterol occurs due to coconut oil, which has the effect of reduction The lipid layer due to lauric acid reduces the risk of constipation of arteries. As a result of its contents in potassium and sodium salts, coconut is also a suitable diet for atherosclerosis, for nerves, brain and lungs, as well as being a good diet for diabetes as long as it is do not overdo it. Other benefits of Coconut water. Coconut water is a good alternative to hydration In drought situations, for example, where Access to drinking water is more difficult.

It is therefore a safe option for babies, children, elderly and pregnant women. Coconut water also has other health benefits, useful in the treatment in cases of high blood pressure, many diuretic and heart problems or cramps due to its large concentration of potassium and minerals in general, and therefore it is excellent for the reduction weakness muscle, headache or postural hypotension. How to use coconut to lower cholesterol. It is recommended to take 3 cups of coconut water daily, preferably natural, to notice a little lowering in cholesterol, but if you can, you can take the industrialized coconut water, although it does not taste the same.

But to supplement it is also important restrict the consumption of high fat foods and practice exercises to burn fat stored in the body. Higher concentrations of lauric acid are found in the coconut itself, so even more effective is the use of coconut oil that is made the white part of the coconut..

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