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hey guys what’s up today I’m doing a video and I’m partnering with continue which is my network and so I’m writing a bunch of different creators in the network and we are all coming together to make a playlist I guess of different videos to help you get healthier on April subs the World Health Day and somebody coming out so I feel like everyone’s coming in the mindset of like getting healthier just feeling better you know feeling fresher and also like dark and dreary cuz winter is now over you might have come from their channel to my channel see so it’s so high but everything will be linked down below to check out their videos not play with them all that good stuff in my video as you can tell by the title is just five simple easy and realistic tips to have a healthier lifestyle so let’s just jump right into my workout clothes because I’m going to go work get after this so tip number one is drink more water and it feel like this is the tip that everyone gives but it’s just so necessary your body made up of like 60% water so you need to replenish that whirring – you just need to give your body the water that it needs and you’ll just feel so much diving up so much more energy and if you don’t like water ah some lemon to it eyes your home water every morning one’s a great little tablet and Kickstarter especially in the mornings and a lots of flavor to your water as well drinking water is very very important tip number two if you’re big snacker don’t snap unhealthy items like chips and chocolate bars and a lot just gross like carrots and hummus or pita and hummus or anything like that and just kick out the old unhealthy snaps bring in some healthy snacks you can still eat and still have food and satisfy your cravings but without the unhealthy saturated processed fat and the if number three is to meditate this is a hard tip getting in that hang of meditation can be a difficult one it’s definitely a practice but you will honestly feel so much better in your body and your spirit and your mind and there’s so many great apps and books to help you start meditating but if you suffer from anxiety or you know you overreact or anything like that meditation can just really calm you down and give you a nice ten-minute break mental break from the day and I highly highly highly recommend it I have a whole blog post about meditation so you can also check that out and to help you kind of get into it but I’m going to pit every day and it has honestly changed my life tip number four is exercise now this is not to be going to the gym I personally like going to the gym but just finding you enjoy you could do like those SoulCycle classes or you could go for hikes or ride a bike or do a class out of gym you know there’s so many different ways to exercise you don’t have to go to the gym and lift weights but just make sure you get your heart rate up being active and people feel so much better and my last tip tip number 5 is get enough sleep I think when you’re tired you make a lot of unhealthy choices and it’s just harder to make those like good healthy decisions so just get up late get your 7 to 8 hours or whatever your body needs there’s a great app called sleep cycle that will actually help you wake you up so you don’t feel when you wake up you don’t feel like all brawn gained growth so definitely get enough sleep your body needs it and I can approach it for you guys protests don’t drink alcohol during the week alcohol is literally so bad for you so instead of like going for a beer after when we come home and you crack open a beer like have a water have something healthier Eleanor Guthrie obviously you have your occasional drink you can drink on the weekends like I’m not saying cut alcohol out completely but try to cut back a bit and I think you’ll feel a lot better because even if you have a few drinks and then you don’t think you’re drunk or anything morning your bodies will cab process the alcohol out of your system and you’re not going to feel the best you could feel so cut back on the alcohol cut in on the water and you’ll feel so much better thank you guys so much for watching I love you all make sure to check out the other creators videos and you have a whole well-rounded playlist on how to get a healthy kick start to the summer and world health day thank you so much for watching I love you all peace love

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