Entrepreneur’s #1 Fitness Franchise in 2015

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{“en”:”[MUSIC PLAYING] PRESENTER 1: Each year, Entrepreneur releases its prestigious Franchise 500 list, a ranking of the best franchises in the world. PRESENTER 2: The Franchise 500 is widely considered the world’s first, best, and most comprehensive franchise ranking. PRESENTER 1: Well-known franchises like Subway, Jiffy Lube, and McDonald’s traditionally rank near the top of the Franchise 500. PRESENTER 2: According to Entrepreneur, the most important factors to consider are financial strength and stability, growth rate, and the size of the franchise system.

PRESENTER 1: Using that formula, Anytime Fitness ranks number two overall in the Franchise 500 list. And for the fourth year in a row, number one in the fitness franchise category. [CHEERS] CROWD: We’re number one! We’re number one! We’re number one! PAIGE PETERSON: It’s very exciting. I have to say, I got cold chills and I can’t believe this. This is so great. ANDY GUNDLACH: Everyone that’s in this business, from the franchisees to the corporate level, they’re all in it for the right reasons. And that’s what’s driven us to be number one. AMANDA BUNDY: It wasn’t surprising at all. My first reaction was it is well deserved. PRESENTER 2: We’re flattered and extremely excited to be ranked number one. But this sort of thing doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work to develop a great franchise model. SPEAKER 1: Here we go! PRESENTER 2: We need a dedicated team of corporate staffers, eager to support Anytime Fitness franchisees. PRESENTER 1: And perhaps most importantly, you need a great group of franchisees who take pride in helping their members overcome the barriers to a healthier life.

JAMIE CAREY: We’re both very proud of the fact that we’re helping people in that sense. AMY CAREY: And it’s a community. It’s a family, it’s a community. I mean that’s– everybody looks at the gym and it’s like their family. JENNIFER PERKINS: I came to Anytime Fitness because I wanted to make a difference. DAVID “TAZ” THEODORE: It’s the happy place for people to come in and leave their stress outside the door. PAIGE PETERSON: I wouldn’t be doing this business if I didn’t think I was helping people. That’s why I have five clubs, so I can have a greater impact on society.

PRESENTER 2: For several years now, Anytime Fitness has opened an average of 300 new gyms a year. PRESENTER 1: We’re the fastest growing fitness franchise on the planet, but we’re not satisfied. PRESENTER 2: We’re constantly improving our business model, supporting franchisees with new tools to help them realize the dream of owning their own business. PRESENTER 1: Ask virtually anyone what their top priorities are and they’ll most certainly mention their family, their health, financial security and their faith. PRESENTER 2: We love the fact that Anytime Fitness provides our franchisees the freedom and flexibility to enjoy their families. PRESENTER 1: The opportunity to make a good living. The chance to improve their health. PRESENTER 2: And the ability to find their purpose in life really. SPEAKER 2: Good to see you, man! PRESENTER 1: Entrepreneur ranks Anytime Fitness number one. To that we humbly say, thank you. PRESENTER 2: But in truth, we’ve known it all along. [CHEERS]. “}

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