HOW TO LEAD A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE | 5 Must-Have Healthy Habits!

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hey guys and welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m going to be sharing with you my top 5 tips when it comes to leaving a healthy lifestyle if you guys are new here hello and welcome my name is Becca I’m a registered dietitian and I make lots of nutrition and health and all sorts of lifestyle videos here on my channel every single week so if you are enjoying my videos I would absolutely love for you to consider subscribing so you can eat a part of my lil Sam here on YouTube but I want to get right into the video so I have 5 tips for you guys these are all great tips and it was kind of hard to narrow it down to 5 but I truly believe that with these 5 tips it will equip you with all of the tools that you need in order to lead a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life ok so my very first tip is to get yourself in the habit of going grocery shopping on a regular basis and planning out your meals this one is so important because let’s be honest you cannot lead a healthy lifestyle without healthy food and you are stocking your house and your refrigerator your pantry with a lot of healthy foods and that’s going to be typically what you’re eating because that is what you are surrounded by and by planning out your meals ahead of time it gives you basically all the tools that you need to create healthy meals throughout the week versus if you are just kind of always shopping on the go or you know you’re driving home from work and you don’t know what you’re going to have for dinner tonight but you’ll swing it you’ll figure something out 9 times out of 10 you’re probably going to find yourself ordering takeout I’ve been there it happens to me but if I am diligent about planning out my meals every single week it helps so much just completely get rid of that whole issue in my life and I find it is so much easier to make healthy meals because I have everything I need on hand I already planned out and did all of the thinking ahead of time and now I just have to execute and make the healthy meals and I am in no way shape or form like against treats or snacks or being really strict your diet you guys watch I 180 days you know that I’m pretty realistic about what I eat however I am a firm believer in out of sight out of mind so if you don’t have the chance we don’t as the chips and the streets and the Tastykake – I don’t know whatever it is whatever you find yourself eating when you probably shouldn’t be eating it those are things that you really want to keep out of the house at least majority of the time because if it’s there you’re probably going to eat it if you want to know more about how I personally meal plan on a weekly basis I actually just did a video on it so I will leave that link down below you guys can go watch that to see what I do every week in order to ensure that we have all the ingredients available to make healthy meals and really so easy and it doesn’t take much time definitely go check that video out my second tip is a small one that I think one that is definitely overlooked and underrated and that is drinking enough water you have got to drink your water is so so important I’m sure we all know that the body is made up of like 70% water or I don’t know the exact percentage but it may have a lot of water so therefore in order to function properly and carry out all of the processes and mechanisms that we do in every single cell every single minute of the day all year long we need to be hydrated in order for those processes to be able to be carried out to their fullest potential so obviously you need to drink lots of water every day to maintain hydration I personally like to go by the rule of thumb to drink about half an ounce to an ounce of water for every pound of body weight that you have kind of like a good lofty equation I guess you could use to try and figure out how much water you should be drinking but also along with you know hydration and dehydration when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle being hydrated can actually help you curb cravings because a lot of times when we are dehydrated our body or brain will start sending signals saying hey you know we’re we’re dehydrated our water is low we need to bring in some water and a lot of times when those signals are coming across they get a little bit muddled on their way through and they may actually come across as a craving and they come across as we’re hungry let’s eat when really are necessarily hungry you don’t need to bring in calories for energy but you do need to bring in water if you guys watch my channel you know that I personally like to eat intuitively or at least I trust you every single day and I personally think that this is the key to leading a healthy lifestyle and being healthy through your entire life I’m not talking about a short-term diet in order to you know reach a certain goal or anything like that I’m just talking about if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle living that you can maintain for years and years and years until you’re old and gray I personally think that learning to listen to your body and get in touch with your hunger cues and your satiety cues knowing when to eat and when to stop and being comfortable with all of that I think that that is so crucial to be able to lead a healthy lifestyle because your body is so amazing and it can tell you exactly what it needs or what it needs to sow in here what it needs to eating or what types of foods that you know like when cravings come across all of that is so incredibly useful and you can just tap into it and utilize those cubes as kind of a guide to get you through life and navigate healthy eating unhealthy eating and if you want to learn what your body responds best to as far as what you should be eating obviously the best thing to do is to pay attention to how your body reacts to certain foods or maybe certain of Massah foods or times that you eat all of these things play a huge role in you know getting to know your body and learning to listen to your body so I personally think that listening to your body is the key to be able to go through your whole life eating of course foods that are nourishing you but also just enjoying life and all the treats that you know are out there and that way you can kind of just enjoy yourself and go through and maintain this healthy diet while not being too overly obsessive or strict or anything like that my fourth tip is to exercise regularly physical activity is so important I really don’t think that you can lead a healthy lifestyle while also being sedentary they just don’t really go hand-in-hand so if this boxkitty is so important now we all know exercise burns calories which is very beneficial when it comes to maintaining weight and staying at a healthy weight through your lifetimes it’s so important but also there are so many other benefits for example when you workout you sweat so you’re going to be releasing toxins that way and also it’s so good for your heart so amazing to be recording about or health but also exercise is so important in keeping stress levels down when we exercise we release endorphins and that’s going to help keep our cortisol levels down okay our stress levels so by working out frequently we’re going to be keeping our stress levels down and if our stress stress levels aren’t through the roof that’s also going to be decreasing our risk for disease because internal stress in the body no matter how healthy or perfect your diet or exercise routine is if your cortisol and your stress hormones are through the roof your disease risk is still going to be kind of high because any kind of internal stress in the body it can eventually lead to the development of any kind of disease and also along with physical activity and exercise it doesn’t matter what you do there is no perfect workout for everyone if you like to run go for it if you like to do yoga go for it you rather just go for a walk or maybe do actual workouts or you love to do high-intensity like crazy weight training workouts go for it it doesn’t matter what you do as long as it gets you moving and gets you sweating and that is all that matters so find what you personally like you can try out lots of different things but whatever you like at the end of the day is the right exercise for you and it’s something that you can stick with then you’re golden now I know I’ve said that omelets are super important but my fifth and final tip is probably the most important and that is to just go easy on yourself remember this is a lifestyle this is something that you’re going to be doing for years and years and years so there is no reason to be overly obsessive or overly stressed out I’m not talking about you know a certain diet you’re doing in the short term to reach some kind of goal like I said before I am strictly talking about leading a healthy lifestyle so if you are looking to just establish more of a healthy routine or more of a healthier diet in general and it’s something that you’re going to be doing for years to come it is so important to go easy on yourself we all know that if you go too crazy coming out of the gate and give up so much stuff that you love and change someone behaviors at once you’re probably going to burn out and you’re probably going to fail I mean that’s just reality so if you truly are looking to start and lead a healthy life it’s so important to go easy on yourself because a healthy lifestyle does it mean here now we’re going to have a cookie or never going to spend up Sunday’s sleeping and laying on the couch watching Netflix ever again no it’s a healthy lifestyle is all about balance and the ebb and flow you’re never going to find a perfect balance you’re always going to be in search of that balance and that’s ok because we’re never going to find perfection where we can be in the pursuit of perfection but we will never find it so don’t stress out about being perfect and you know reaching this perfect balance because it is elusive it’s it’s not actually a real thing and like I said earlier it doesn’t matter how perfect your diet or exercise routine is if your stress levels are still through the roof you’re still going to have a decent risk for disease so constantly stressing out about being healthy may actually negate all of your healthy behavior so you want to of course nourish your body and be active and you do all of these things that are going to hopefully as longevity and you know increase your odds for having better health later on in life and throughout life but at the same time it’s ok to you know eat some food that’s going to feed your soul and you know take a day off or a few days off if you’re not feeling well or you just need a break it’s ok remember it’s all about the long game it’s about the lifestyle not just the short term just do the best that you can every day that is all that you can really ask of yourself and you will be well on your way to leading not only a healthy but also a very happy and fulfilling life that is all I have for today’s video guys I hope you enjoyed it but more importantly I hope that you found this helpful if you did this did touch you in some way please let me know down in the comments because I really do love hearing from you guys and of course subscribe so you can be a part of my little family here on YouTube and that you never miss any of my upcoming videos and also if you want a little daily dose of me you can come hang out over on my Instagram and my snapchat on there all the time and love connecting with you guys over on those platforms as well as here on YouTube but that is all I have I hope again that you enjoyed it thank you so much for watching this video best of luck to you on your healthy lifestyle you have any questions no and I hope to see you guys in the next video [Music]

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