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hey guys and welcome back to my channel and Happy New Year Happy 2017 2016 was honestly such a crazy very exciting but very crazy year for me so it totally flew by but in today’s video I wanted to talk all about how to start a healthy lifestyle if you guys are new to my channel hello and welcome my name is Becca I am a registered dietician and I make lots of videos on health and nutrition and also just some fun lifestyle videos as well so if you guys enjoy this video I would love for you to subscribe so you can stick around and see what new videos I’ll be making in 2017 if you guys already watched my videos you can probably tell I’m in a completely different setting right now I’m actually just sitting on my bed because I really wanted today’s video just to be very relaxed very casual and I just wanted to sit down and talk to you guys also I am currently sick I have a cold so my apologies that I sent a little nasally and somehow my voice is even deeper than usual but you guys are just have to bear with me so let’s get started I’ve got my tea I’m feeling chill I’m ready to talk all about starting a healthy lifestyle so now that it’s the new year its 2017 people are always making new year’s resolutions and I think it is so important to set goals whether they’re short term goals or long term goals it is important to set goals in your lifetime but when it comes to you know starting a healthy lifestyle something that you’re going to be doing for a long time not a short term thing I think people tend to get really extreme with their goals and what they want to do and you know new year fresh start people will make these pretty extreme goals and put them put these extreme you know difficult to follow in the long term rules into their life that can make it really difficult to actually continue to follow this new life so these goals just end up being really unrealistic in long term and people will get burnt out right away I feel like at this point it’s kind of like a running joke you know people who attend gym frequently will say oh yeah all the new year’s resolution airs are going to come in in January the gyms gonna be so crowded but don’t worry by the end of January they’ll all be out of here anyway and honestly that makes me sad I don’t know if it’s just you know our society that tells us that you know this is what you have to do to be healthy you know I need to follow this exact workout plan or this exact diet or anything like that and there’s so much noise and so much you have just stuff always thrown at us you know about what we’re supposed to be doing to be healthy I get asked all the time here on my channel specifically you know what is the best diet what would you recommend I’m really thinking about you know going vegan or I’m thinking about the Pelayo Paleo diet you know what’s the best diet or you know what is the best type of exercise what should I be doing what is the most effective what is going to help me lose weight the fastest what is the best thing that I should be doing and you know no one’s probably going to like this answer but there is no one specific answer because we are all so different we all have different personalities so we’re going to be attracted to different type of different types of exercise or even different diets we have all different schedules so certain extreme diets may not fit into some people’s schedules and they may feel like a failure because they can’t you know stick to it or follow it because their schedule just doesn’t allow it and we all have different circumstances so different things you know different diets or different types of exercise or even different places where we go to exercise whether it be the gym or you know this yoga studio or a park you know they’re all going to fit differently into our lives and in the realm of possibilities is going to look different on each person so that is why there is no one diet there is no one exercise routine there is no one answer you know that’s a blanket answer for everyone everyone is different so therefore everyone’s going to of their own custom routine or diet or just whatever that works for them that not only is you know effective but also makes them feel good makes them feel happy makes them feel stress-free so in my personal opinion well I can’t say there is one specific diet or one specific type of exercise or exercise routine that will work for everyone what I will say is if you truly want to start a healthy lifestyle that is going to last for years and years and years to come the number one thing to focus on is balance if you truly want to start a healthy lifestyle and you know shift your focus off of you know losing X amount of weight or getting to the gym X amount of times a week or any specific goal like that then balance is going to be your best friend in order to truly lead a healthy lifestyle it is important to remember that we are human we are emotional beings and not every day is going to be the same not even a little bit one day you may be happy carefree eating well get being active and it just comes easy another day it may be the biggest struggle to even get outside and go for a walk we are emotional people every day is a different day and the most important thing with you know starting a healthy lifestyle is just accepting that admitting that every day is going to be a little bit different and just telling yourself whatever comes my way I’m just going to do the best I possibly can on that day in order to lead a healthy lifestyle and you know take care of myself so that I’m healthy in the future there are always going to be EPS and flows in our lifetime so in order to be successful with leading a healthy lifestyle over a lifetime you got to learn how to ride the ebbs and flows if you’re trying to improve the way you eat or you know improve your activity level through exercise or maybe it’s both if you are solely relying on a willpower you’re doing it wrong I once heard a very powerful quote when it comes to thinking this way and it is deprivation is a fin in the bank so whether you are starting a very strict diet or a really strong exercise routine something basically that is going to be tough for you to maintain in the long term it’s a binge in the bank you know you’re not going to be able to do it long term so eventually you know you’re gonna burn out you’re going to be tired out and you’re going to revert back to probably what you were doing before or you may even go extra overboard and have some kind of binge whether it be you know eating a lot of you know crappy unhealthy food at once or a binge in not going to the gym for weeks because you just can’t stand look at it because you’re so burned out from that crazy routine that you started so if you’re solely relying on willpower to get you through it’s not going to be successful in the long term think of your brain as a muscle you know if you’re constantly flexing that muscle with constant willpower to just keep you you know chugging along in this strict whatever it is eventually you know you’re going to wear out and you’re not gonna be able to continue so if your brain is a muscle compared to like you know doing a wall sit so if you’re doing a wall sit you know it’s really painful and your muscles get really tired and eventually you’re going to either stand up or drop to the ground you’re not going to be able to continue with that extreme you know position so if you think of your brain that way if you’re constantly flexing your brain and it’s taking so much brain power so much willpower in order to stick to something it’s never going to work in the long term it’s not going to be successful you may feel great and be doing really well for you know a few weeks a few months or whatever it is but eventually it’s going to come to an end and if you truly want to start a healthy lifestyle you have to stop thinking that way you need to take a step back and you need to you know engage in activities or you know work on your diet in a way that’s going to be maintainable in the long term so you really have to accept that acknowledge it and permit yourself to take breaks give yourself permission to go easy on yourself because it’s going to be a life long journey you don’t have to go you know balls to the wall a hundred percent sixty miles an hour right out of the gate if you want to start a healthy lifestyle take it easy you’ve got plenty of years to figure this out and figure out what you like and what you body and what your soul needs life is already hard as it is I’m sure we all know that so don’t let being healthy become another stressor in your life there’s already plenty of stress to go around this is not something that should create stress in your life it should you know on some level bring joy and improve your life and make it even better and that’s something that I really want to hit home here if you are you know trying to be healthy whether it’s through exercise or diet or both and if it’s causing you stress it’s almost like you shouldn’t even waste your time and I’ll kind of explain why so when we are stressed our cortisol levels go up cortisol is a hormone in the body and when our cortisol cortisol levels are really high it basically just messes with everything it’s going to mess with your ability to have a good night’s sleep it’s going to mess with your blood sugar levels and send them out of whack and when our blood sugars are out of whack it is so hard to you know eat healthy because it makes our cravings worse it makes us want to eat more it really sends our ability to control and feel satisfied with eating out the window it will also just raise the internal stress in our body so it will increase the amount of oxidative stress that is happening in our body now I don’t want to get too scientific here and I want to go too far into what oxidative stress is basically it is just kind of like a level of stress in the body and when we have ongoing constant unrelenting stress on the body it puts us at a much higher risk for disease because things just don’t work how they’re supposed to I actually remember a couple years ago a study came out and it made it like big headlines and of course it was just one study you can never you know base full opinions off of just one study but it was very eye-opening because it basically what the researchers found was workplace stress so just you know your daily stress at work stressed about making deadlines co-workers just whatever it is just workplace stress in general was equal to smoking like a pack of cigarettes a day or something like that which is crazy so someone you know who is super fit and eats super well and it’s just very healthy they go to work and there’s a stress ball all day it is creating the same amount of damage on that health nuts body as smoking a pack of cigarettes or however many cigarettes it was a day so that is like something really powerful powerful to think about and I know you can relate this to diet and exercise as well so if you start a strict diet you say I’m not going to eat any sugar I’m you know not going to eat any dairy or you know whatever it is something that’s strict and very you know hard to continue and maintain on a daily basis that’s going to create a lot of stress on your life whether or not you physically feel like I’m I feel stressed out that I can’t eat what I want it’s not necessarily that but just you know thinking about like well I can’t have that and that’s bad for me and that’s not okay to eat and I just say too much or no no you can’t have that just those background thoughts that go on in our mind they create stress in the body it body it’s negative energy and we don’t want that because you know you may be eating this really healthy diet that doesn’t have any sugar or dairy and it’s full of fruits and vegetables and whole grains or whatever it is if it’s causing you a lot of stress internally I mean it may not be necessarily negating it but you’re not quite reaping all those benefits from that really healthy diet because a lot of it is just getting negated by all the stress that goes along with maintaining that strict diet and the same thing goes for exercise for example if you absolutely hate going to the gym you just don’t like the gym you need to stop going to the gym you need to find something some kind of activity that you enjoy because every day if you’re thinking I don’t wanna go to the gym I don’t wanna go to gym you’re walking the gym like oh I really don’t want to be here but I know I feel good when I will feel good when I leave then that’s not us really doing yourself a favor either because yes that exercise is whatever exercise are partaking in while you’re at the gym it’s you know going to bring your cortisol levels down it’s going to give your heart a good workout really work on that cardiovascular strength it can strengthen your muscles and do all of these things get your your feel-good hormones up but if it’s causing you stress all day long for thinking about the gym you’re joining the gym and just totally like going to gym you don’t like being at the gym it’s not your favorite thing to do then again a lot of the you know the benefits of going to the gym are going to kind of be negated in the background internally by the stress that it causes you I really hope that this is making sense but I just basically want to get across to you guys that if you’re doing something that is going to stress you out or bring any kind of negative energy to your life it’s probably not even worth doing which is why balance is so key because you can you know eat a lot of good food and healthy food that’s going to nourish your body and protect you from disease but at the same time you know if you want to indulge a little and have a little ice cream or go out and have a burger or you know whatever that may look for you then it’s okay because if you are you know thinking I can’t have that burger I can’t go out to eat my friends because there’s gonna be burgers there and I’m gonna want one and I can’t eat a burger whose burgers are bad for me and it’s not a part of my diet all those thoughts that are going on could potentially even create you know as much damage internally as eating that freakin burger would so you have to find the balance you have to find a way to be happy to not be so consumed with being healthy and that’s how you can truly lead a healthy lifestyle because if you’re never really truly depriving yourself if you’re just you know filling yourself with good food and exercising and staying active because it makes you feel good um you know physically and then you know enjoying the good food or maybe like your mom’s I don’t know spaghetti that’s nostalgic because you grew up eating it it’s so good that’s going to feed your soul and you know it’s going to make you happy it’s going to feed you emotionally so you know I’m not saying you should be eating emotionally that’s a slippery slope and that’s that’s different I’m just talking about you know enjoying yourself enjoying your life and having health be a priority but it shouldn’t be you know the only thing that you think about in life because there’s so much more to life than just eating a perfect diet or having a perfect exercise schedule that you never miss the gym even if there’s something big going on your life you’re going to get the gym session in Rosi get off awesome head get off the bed I know or shoot I get it I get it gotta get off so my battery just died but I’m now back so let’s see where was I basically what I was trying to say was if your stress levels are really high if you are very stressed out by whatever you know diet or exercise routine you’re trying striving to follow if your stress levels are so high a good part of the benefit may be negated by those stress levels but also it’s going to work those high stress levels are going to work against you and you may be trying so hard to reach these goals that you set for yourself and if your chef’s levels are so high and throwing everything all of your bodily functions out of whack you know it may be keeping you holding you back from actually reaching those goals so for example if someone starts doing a really hardcore diet and exercise routine that is just totally draining them of energy totally you know just sucking the life out of them and stressing them out because all they’re so consumed and so obsessed with this you know new routine they may have a really hard time actually letting go and losing weight if their stress levels are so high because when our stress levels are through the roof our body wants to conserve it wants to store fat it wants to hold on to energy because it doesn’t know when this period of high stress is going to end it doesn’t know you know if how long the body is going to be out of whack so it wants to protect itself so you’ve just got to let go of the perfect diet or the perfect exercise regimen let that go and you will then let go of stress if you’re just obsessed with eating super well or getting to the gym X amount of times a week or burning X amount of calories or whatever it is if it’s consuming you if you’re obsessing over it and you’re stressed about it it’s not going to be successful for you in the long term focusing and obsessing over a perfect diet or an intense exercise regimen in short spurts is not doing yourself any favors you’re just going to end up back in square one so you’re much better off just taking a more relaxed approach and still you know making health a priority but not you know the number one thing in your life so taking a little more of a relaxed approach you know allowing yourself to indulge and things that you really truly enjoy and allow yourself to skip a workout if you’re burned out and exhausted and it’s probably better for you to rest that day it’s okay permit yourself to do that and you know by doing this overtime you’re still going to have so many healthy behaviors that kind of go hand in hand with these occasional indulgences or occasional just rest days or whatever it is and it’s still going to be a healthy life and if the goal is a healthy lifestyle that is definitely one way to achieve it I do want to talk a little bit more about what balance is and like actually how to kind of achieve that balance because I know it’s like a very just kind of lofty term but before I say that I also just want to kind of talk about quickly just diet and exercise and finding what’s right for you so this whole time I’ve been talking about don’t do things that stress you out don’t do things that are too extreme that just don’t work for you and make it more difficult for you to you know just get through the day so I know I’m using extreme examples but I do want to say that just because something is extreme doesn’t mean it’s not necessarily going to work different people respond to different you know levels of intensity so someone may you know find that doing high-intensity interval training and really hardcore workouts that like you know put their heart rate through the roof and really get them sweating they may that may be like the perfect type of exercise for someone depending on your personality depending on what you like depending on how much time you have to put into exercise that might be a type of workout that someone truly enjoys that doesn’t cause them any stress they look forward to it because they know they’re going to get a good workout that may work really well for some people but on the other end of the spectrum some people may not respond to that at all I make it may just be too intense for them and and just the idea of you know I have to do this in order to be healthy this is the best type of workout the more I’m sweating the more my heart’s pounding the more effective it is you know if you’re forcing yourself to do that because you think that you should be um again it may not be as effective but you know maybe that person will respond so well to just doing a lot of walking and maybe some you know low-impact yoga maybe that is what’s for them so I just want to say that just because it’s extreme doesn’t mean it’s not necessarily effective and the same goes for diet as well some people respond beautifully to a vegan diet and they can do that their whole life I personally think that is on the extreme end and I you know I’m all for balance and diet as well as everything else in our lifetime but that doesn’t mean that a vegan diet isn’t right for someone else but if you are someone that maybe doesn’t respond so well to something so strict and extreme trying to force yourself to do you know follow a vegan diet if you’re supposed to be healthy and you’re really trying to follow this diet it may not work for you you know everyone is different some people will feel amazing with vegan diet on the other end of the spectrum someone will have nutritional deficiencies their hair may be falling out they may be you know in fog no energy I mean it really it depends it depends on you know how much you know about the diet in general making sure you’re getting everything you need but also everyone’s body is different and everyone’s going to find something different that works for them whether it’s a little more relaxed and balanced or whether it is a little bit more extreme so finding what you enjoy finding what makes you feel your best and finding the thing that isn’t going to stress you out it’s mainly going to bring joy that is what you need to stick to and it may be difficult to find that and then take a journey it may take this whole next year of 2017 to find it but just keep trying just keep saying staying consistent and just keep trying different things until you find what works best for you and also along with that it may change and that’s okay herbs and flows it always comes back to that just doing it the best you can with with each day that you have doing what makes you feel good and what you know brings the stress levels down in your body because if you’re doing something that you enjoy and that is also good for your body it’s going to be like the perfect mixture of what you need and you’re probably going to see the best results whether it’s mentally physically anything like that so I feel like I’m repeating a lot of the same things but I hope that you guys are really just picking up what I’m putting down here but before I end this video I just want to talk a little bit about balance itself and give you guys a little bit more insight on how to you know achieve balance or create balance but the very first thing I want to say is you will never achieve true balance you never will it’s an ongoing lifelong journey of always trying to balance things out because like I said we’re emotional there are herbs and flows no day is ever going to be the same as the day before so you’ll never actually achieve it so that may sound discouraging but I really don’t mean it to be that way it’s just important to realize that you know it’s always every day’s gonna be different and we just have to do the best that we can we’re never going to achieve true balance because achieving true balance would be like achieving perfection and we’re not perfect and we’re never going to be but to give you guys a little more insight into how to strive for balance one of the things that you can use to kind of guide you which I don’t even like to put numbers on it because even that can get obsessive but you know a good rule of thumb would be like the 80/20 rule the 80/20 rule basically just means that 80% of the time you are eating good foods you’re active you’re doing things that are good for your body and then you know 20% of the time you’re eating stuff that’s not necessarily great for your health but it’s good for the soul and you know you’re taking rest days and relaxing and things like that so like I said I don’t really like to even put a number on it because the 80/20 rule is going to look very different for different people and even to say to start out saying you eat horribly and you’ve never exercised but you’re interested in getting healthier jumping straight from you know 100% of the time eating horrible crappy food not eating anything that’s wholesome and nutritious and never ever really being active switching into 80/20 that’s extreme and that’s not necessarily going to be successful so at first it may be like 2080 just to start out and then it may be 50/50 and then maybe you can work up to 80/20 but that just kind of helps helps you know to visualize what that balance look like it’s not it shouldn’t be 50/50 half the time you’re doing well the other half the time you’re doing poorly it really should be you know healthy most of the time and then not so healthy part of the time and that is how we put health as a priority again it’s not the king it’s not everything it’s not our main focus in life it’s not 100 percent of what we’re doing it’s only 80 percent it’s a big part but it’s not everything another way to look at your diet specifically trying to make it healthier is think of it kind of like a bank account you know you have a certain amount of calories you can spend every day and I’m not into calorie counting use this as a very general guide just a way of thinking not actually don’t actually treat it like a bank account because again that can get obsessive and it’s not something you’re going to probably do forever so if you’re thinking of it you know loosely at the bank account you know that one you have you know a big splurge or even a smaller splurge you know somewhere along the lines you’re gonna have to pull back and not spend so much money in order to even everything out so it’s the same thing with your diet the number one thing I would say when it comes to balance is listen to your body your body will always tell you you know when to stop or when to eat or when to exercise or when to stop exercising and I plan on doing like a whole video on intuitive eating because this is such an easy way to lead a balanced lifestyle and I’m definitely going to do a video on that but listening to your body is so key because it will tell you when it needs a break and when it tells you that give yourself a break go easy on yourself again this is a lifetime this is not a short-term all-or-nothing kind of deal it’s the exact opposite this is life long many years we are just trying to practice being the best person we can and treat your body the best way that we can with the circumstances we have on a daily basis and just remember if you are trying to start a healthy lifestyle you’re in it for the long haul so just give yourself a break treat yourself with love don’t worry so much about well I have to do this because it’s healthy and I have to go to the gym because I’m supposed to work out do what feels right every day and always you know challenge yourself set goals that you are that are reachable and maintainable but don’t kill yourself with them just like I was talking about earlier if you’re constantly just using willpower to reach those goals eventually your brain it’s a muscle it’s going to give out and you don’t want to go so hard and flex that brain muscle for so long that eventually what you when you do give out you’re too tired to start again that is what we want to avoid we want this to be something you can stick with for many many years to come something that you can ride the ebbs and flows always come out feeling okay and feeling pretty good that is what it’s all about it’s not about being perfect life is not perfect I’m sure you all know that so why do we expect our diet and exercise routines to be perfect on that note I’m going to end the video here I hope you guys enjoyed watching this I hope that you found it helpful if this video did resonate with you please let me know down in the comments below and also share it with your friends share it with your family share with anyone you think needs to hear this because we live in such an extreme all-or-nothing Society and we’re all in hamster wheels and it’s time that we get off of the hamster wheels and just start living life and enjoying ourselves while still being healthy if you guys are not following me on Instagram or snapchat definitely make sure to do so I would love to connect with you guys on there and of course if you have yet to subscribe to my channel especially if you loved this video I would love for you guys to subscribe and join this community here on YouTube I hope you guys have an amazing 2017 filled with happiness and health and joy whatever brings you joy I hope there is a lot of it this year for you thank you guys so much for watching this video and I hope to see you guys in the next one bye [Music] Oh

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