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oh sure sorrow so important things I don’t know what I was gonna say that an out of ten would recommend I don’t know hey guys it’s me Mel today’s video is going to be a very exciting and what’s another word cool video because today I’m going to talk about how to start a healthy lifestyle so if you guys are new to my channel hey I’m Mel I post videos every single Saturday if you want to subscribe the button will be right here so you can be notified when I do so but if you are not doing my channel then you know recently I’ve gotten into a health kick like a really big strong health kick I have just started taking a lot better care of my body also my interior parts of me overall I am a lot happier where I am right now because of this healthy lifestyle that I started so today I’m going to be talking all about my healthy lifestyle and how I started it and how you can start it so I’m really excited for this video because health and fitness is something that I’m really really into now so I’m excited to incorporate more videos like that into my channel and by the way I was having a really rough hair day so yeah I didn’t want to forget anything so I wrote it down there’s five things that I’m going to talk about and those five things are what helped me start a healthy lifestyle and get fit and all that stuff a lot of you guys have been asking how I lost weight or things like that and this is pretty much how I did that so I’m just going to be talking about that and I’m excited let’s get started so the first thing is eating healthy and I know in my workout routine video I posted a while back I do a different one now then I’m going to half up for you guys very soon so stay tuned for that in that video I said that I ate anything that I wanted to but then I just worked out like every day because I was doing basketball and I’m so different I realized that eating healthy is 70% of being fit and healthy it’s 70 30 70 eating healthy 30 working out so the tips that I have to one make your own food because if you make your own food you know what you don’t you’re not eating gross processed food you’re not eating chemicals you’re eating everything that you know that you put in your food I have been making almost every single one of my meals every single day now so if you guys want any recipe videos let me know and I can do those for you guys so then my second tip is to have a cheat day so I know a lot of people think oh like I’m on a diet I have to eat this meal every day this moment like no it’s actually good for your body to switch it up a little bit so if you eat almost roughly the same thing every day it’s good to have one day that you have a cheat day a cheat day where you can go out you’ll get your french fries you’ll get your ice cream you’ll get your whatever that you usually don’t let yourself eat you have one day where you can one because this day is gonna be a good day and two because it helps your body because your body so used to the pattern like you’re eating the same healthy things or whatever every day so this just helps your body kind of keep your metabolism going everything like that so I would really recommend this just having one day I like it to be on a weekend usually like Saturdays and yeah it’s a lot of fun because you feel like it’s like a treat because you’re treating yourself because you’re eating so healthy and I’m like hey I can even ever want so yeah and then the third tip is to would check the labels so when you’re buying your groceries make sure to check the labels not just calories though a lot of people think it’s just calories it’s also what goes into the calories like the sodium the saturated fat things like that so make sure to look at the labels because you could be thinking that you’re buying some healthy food and then you look at the labels and it’s either all like chemicals or gross things that you’ve never heard of or it’s not actually that healthy and it just looks healthy stuff make sure to check the labels and then also calorie awareness is another thing that I started doing more because I see like outrageously a lot I ate a lot and a lot of that stuff is not healthy for me make sure not to go too crazy like restrict your calories and be like counting every single calorie you eat every day because that’s gonna drive you crazy just be like aware of it you know try to have like a target zone I think it’s around like good job like a 2,000 diet so don’t restrict yourself on the calories but also don’t like overdo the calories you know number two tip is to work out so this is the thirty percent of the hundred percent so what I did this year I got a gym membership and I did not have a gym membership before this for like 15 years of my life so if you guys don’t go out buy a gym membership this doesn’t mean that you can’t work out you can still work out in your room that’s what I did that’s what I would always do right a park or anywhere you know we’re running hiking all that stuff you don’t really need a gym I started going to the gym more something that I would recommend is going like right when you wake up in the morning and then you just feel so much better throughout the day but I would wake up earlier and then go to the gym and do the gym stuff and it was good I like I like the gym but I’ll also make sure to have a good breakfast before because I’m someone that just needs to eat before I workout I can’t work out on an empty stomach and also another tip for working out is to create a routine creating a routine is so helpful because you will stick to that routine and it’s not like you’re just going to go to gym be like I’m gonna workout today and then you get there nego like what should I do you know because then you can end up diddily that didn’t do it what did ii definitely you’ll know like what you want to get done and you can get it done faster and more efficiently so yeah I would definitely recommend creating a routine and I look down because I was going to say that you could put your routine in here because then you can just have it written so you won’t forget it so then tip number three is to drink more water so drinking water is actually so crazy good for you I obviously didn’t realize this I should not drink barely like any water and now I drink so much more money than a soup I honestly think that it helps so much it makes you feel more like energized and cleansed and like good and I can’t stress it enough guys drinking water is actually like really good for you it has a lot of health benefits like it speeds up your metabolism it keeps your skin glowing and healthy and less dry and helps your bowels I’m not gonna get into much deeper talk about that and also what I recommend is lemon water so that’s what I drink a lot of lemon waters really good for you has a lot of health benefits but if you don’t like lemon water there’s so many things you can put in your water to make taste better for example if you like berries you can put some berries in your water or you like strawberries but why put strawberry and lemon ones guys out recommend it cuz it tasted like strawberry lemonade or like cucumbers or mint watermelon peaches you know just go crazy with it try out different things and see what you like the best if you’re not someone that likes drinking water this will definitely help you if you like fruit too because it just tastes it tastes so good so then tip number four is sleep sleep sleep sleep and this is so important especially if you are a teenager growing up girl you need your sleep it’s just you need it so I started going to bed earlier and waking up earlier and I love it I have turned into a morning person like what I used to be a night I will stay up till 3:30 sleep into like 12 the next day it just made me feel like lazy and like unmotivated and I just wanted to like lay in bed all day but when I started going to bed at a good time and then waking up earlier you know like 8:00 and like even earlier sometimes a little later then I can go work out I can just get everything done and then the rest of the day I just feel like so much more energized and I can get so much more done I feel much more productive so that is definitely a big tip from me at least about how to start a healthy lifestyle I think sleep is really important and you should be getting seven to nine hours at least a night of sleep I know it’s kind of hard for some teenagers it’s hard for me some days I’m gonna be honest just trying to make it work just try because it will benefit you so much in the long run and in the short run in all the runs so then the last big tip is number five and it’s to motivate yourself one have a workout partner have someone that will go to gym with you and kick your butt they will push you to do better they’ll make you work your hardest not someone that will just be like oh yeah I doing good keep up the good work yet when I work out with my friends I’m like one it helps them to it’s also fun because you get to do your friends I’m spending so much time or also maybe someone that wants to like eat healthier with you or just like be healthier you can help each other stay on track talking about what meals you can make or what time you’re going to bed or rejig up or just anything just like there’s so many fun ideas that you can make it like a social thing you know yep the only so the second piece of advice is to fill your social media with motivational things I don’t know what I was going to say there so for example if you look on my social media feed they’ll be like healthy recipe accounts or like Fitness accounts people like a gyms using weights oh I know what to do with the gym and then people that are at home doing like at home workouts because I have like Coolidge dream accounts that show you what gets you at home too so in case I’m lazy one day and don’t want to go to the gym and I love the food ones because I don’t know I love cooking now like I’ve become so much more of like a cooking type like I said not like a phenom I love cooking because I started making my own food and I just realized that I actually really liked it so it helped me discover something that I liked doing so yeah there’s so many different social media platforms that can help motivate you my favorites are Instagram and snapchat and Twitter too I love adding personal trainers on snapchats because they post like what they’re making their clients do and that’s so well full because in our generation we are on our phones so much so I feel like this is an easy way to kind of get into that healthy and fit lifestyle just because we spent so much time on our phones if we’re looking at our phones and then we see something that cannot motivate us we’ll be more motivated yeah that was something that just would make sense in someone’s mind I really didn’t need to explain that so then the last piece of advice I’m gonna be talking about under the whole motivating yourself thing is to have goals so having goals is so so so so so important I would recommend writing them down in a notebook because then you can just kind of have everything laid out and you know what you want to do even writing down like recipes you could try I do that sometimes and then working out you could do like a schedule breaking out like I’m gonna work out three times a week this week five times a week this week like boom it’ll keep yourself organized and I cannot stress enough how much being organized contributes to having a healthy and fit lifestyle I’m a more organized personnel and I think that really helped because then I feel less stressed and I feel happier because I’m not stressed and I’m organized up I’m sorry I’m this is turning into a rant rambling video so I definitely have a little journal or notebook whatever you want to call it like this to write down your goals or just anything your to-do lists your schedules of your day I like making schedules of my day like I’m going to wake up this time work out from this time of this and come home just so I know that I can get what I want done that day and I won’t be stressing and you know I don’t know and then to-do lists because you can have everything up here go down there onto that paper and it’s just so much it’s just so much easier and then you can just look at it and not have to keep everything up here so that is definitely something that it’s helped me a lot overall I just wanted to add you guys know that I have definitely seen a big change in not just my body but in my personality and my like feeling my emotions I don’t know it’s it’s kind of crazy like I just feel a lot better more confident things like that and I think having a healthy and fit lifestyle it’s great I’m really happy with it and that’s why I wanted to share it with you guys even though this video may be long or may be a lot of information in one if you guys want to see any videos like branching off of any of the topics that I talked about today make sure to comment down below and like this video if you liked it and if I helped you in any way I hope I did just want to share with you guys kind of what I have been doing to stay fit and healthy what I did and what you could do to start a healthy and fit lifestyle because I definitely would recommend it ten out of ten would recommend so thank you guys so much for watching this video I love you all to infinity and beyond and I hope you’re having a marvelous morning afternoon or night and I’ll see you in my next video deuces

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