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hey guys welcome back to my channel I hope you’re all having a very very lovely day if you’re new here hi I’m Yuka very nice to meet you I hope this video is helpful and if you like my videos you can definitely subscribe and you can check out all my social medias I don’t have a lot so it’s not hard to keep up with me and I’ll be sharing a lot of videos like this one in the next few weeks all about how to have a healthier more productive and happier life I feel like it’s very appropriate for this time of year so if you don’t want to miss any of my videos definitely click the little Bell notification thing it’s just gonna notify you when I post a new video but today’s video is just my very very simple 5 tips on starting a new healthy lifestyle so in the past year I completely transitioned from eating junk food all the time to eating an insanely healthy diet and actually loving it and I also work out almost every day I’m just very very healthy and I kind of sat down and wrote down things that like changed what I was doing to what I’m doing now and I thought I would share them and they’re very simple they’re not only about how to be physically more healthy but also emotionally because I think that goes together so now that I’ve rambled for a long time and you’re probably sick of me already I’m gonna get started ok so the first tip is about eating healthy and actually sticking to it I feel like the second part sticking to it is really hard for most people and it was for me too like I used to eat milk chocolate it’s an European chocolate it’s a milk chocolate I used to eat that every single day like the whole bar every day and I would eat so much junk food like it was just really bad thing that changed everything for me is to actually research what I’m putting in my body once I did that I was just like I don’t even crave this shit anymore because I know what it does to my body I know how bad it is I know that it’s not supposed to be there it’s not meant for my body even though it’s food like when I see that milk a chocolate now like I almost want to puke because I know what’s in there it’s fucking disgusting I know that like this is kind of hard to do it’s a lot of information and it’s hard to start so for me it all started with veganism I didn’t I can tension oligo look for information what’s in my milk chocolate I just started researching veganism I watched a lot of documentaries I watched a lot of videos there’s so much information literally right here on this platform that you can just click and have not even pay for it and why wouldn’t you want to do that and change your life it doesn’t even have to be about veganism because you can start with sugar or I don’t know whatever you want but that’s just how I did it I started with veganism and then I saw how bad that food industry is and what I’m actually putting in my body and then I was kind of curious about everything else that is still considered vegan but isn’t necessarily good for you and I think that’s the most helpful thing you can do because like saying I’m gonna get healthy this year and eat healthy it’s probably not gonna work out because you’re gonna get bored of it and you’re gonna crave that chocolate because it tastes amazing you have to find a reason why you don’t want to eat that saying I just want to be healthy usually doesn’t work okay my second tip is all about exercise so I already made a video about like my workout routine and how to get motivated and all that so I’ll link that down below I’m about to make another one in the next two weeks or something this tip is just very simple and literally everyone can do this it’s not hard at all it’s just basically doing things that you’re doing now a little bit different in a way that you put a bit more exercise into your life so for example instead of going for a coffee with your friend you can go on a walk it’s honestly so much nicer I love hanging out with people that are like me how do you want to go on a walk I’m like freak yes I love you can also go alone I love going alone on walks it just clears my mind also a thing you can do is instead of taking the bus just somewhere walk instead of taking the elevator take the stairs instead of going to the grocery store with your car go with your bike or walk that way while you’re like doing something that you need to do that it’s productive you’re also getting exercise because you’re walking and also carrying stuff so it’s like weights and it’s like so simple and everyone can do this okay my next little tip is to have a sleep schedule and like a morning night ritual I talked all about this in two of my videos actually one is titled how to be a morning person and I just share a bunch of tips on how to get your body tired and then how to actually wake up in the morning and then the next video is my morning ritual for like a productive and happy day I think that’s how I titled it and it’s all about you know doing certain things in the morning that will get you excited and you’ll actually like want to wake up so again if you are interested in those topics I’ll have those two videos down below as well as on the screen right now okay the next one is for your mental health and physical as well and it’s to do yoga or meditation or both basically a very simple way of how you can get into meditation is to start with guided meditation so you can literally type in your youtube browser like five or like ten minute guided meditation you can start with that and then just build up the time and then you can do it on your own because you’re kind of going to get the feel of it and then when it comes to yoga you literally have beginner yoga tutorials on YouTube and you can just type that and do it for like 10 minutes if you don’t have more time oh yeah I can just start with that and see if you like and see anything changes I personally like meditation more but that’s just personal preference okay my last tip is all about mental health and this also like literally changed my life and it’s basically to get what you’re feeling out of you basically have two options one is to actually speak to human beings about it um which can be a little difficult cuz you want to pick the right person because some people just resist your feelings and make you feel like what you’re feeling isn’t okay but also just writing out how you feel recording yourself we’re filming yourself I love using my little voice app on my iPhone and I literally just click record and tell my phone everything that I’m feeling and that may sound a little insane to most people but honestly it helps me so much because I know that what I’m feeling and what I’m speaking is being heard because it’s recorded it’s actually going somewhere and that way I can like realize everything and just kind of get that mess out of my head and put it somewhere also writing it is amazing just not letting things boil up and hold everything in that’s never going to help you just gonna make everything worse so if you can find a way to share how you’re feeling whatever it is find something that helps you to get everything out and just do that honestly it like changes your life so yeah that’s pretty much it for this video I hope this video was helpful and I hope you learned something if you did you can share it with other people that would really help me out and it might help others as well so yeah I love you guys very much don’t forget to subscribe click the little Bell thingy and follow me on my social medias and I’ll see you guys my next video in the new year bye

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