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[Music] hey guys and welcome back to my channel today is day seven of you tober and for today’s video we’re going to be talking about getting fit for the Fall how to start a fitness routine rather than just showing you my own I feel like the fall time is like the perfect time to start setting new goals and such and I don’t know if it’s just kind of like going back to school or the end of summer or whatever it is but around the fall time I just feel like that’s the easiest time to kind of start establishing some goals and getting into new routines and such so if you’re looking to start a new healthy lifestyle and you’re not sure exactly how to do it then just keep watching so tip number one is to get excited and I know that it’s like a hard thing to get excited about you kind of have to establish why you feel like you want to start a healthy lifestyle is that that lifestyle you’re living right now just isn’t that healthy do you feel really groggy and drained are you doing it for your mental health are you doing it just because you want to feel physically better or are you doing it for aesthetic reasons no matter what just make sure that the whole reason why you feel the need to start pushing yourself to be healthy and fit is that you’re doing it from a good place and you’re not doing it from a place of self hate when you come out of a place of self hate and loathing it won’t do you any good you’ll end up just feeling so much worse and making the wrong choices and the wrong mistakes and trying to create shortcuts and it’s not a healthy thing to do so make sure you’re going at it from the right mindset in the right perspective and get excited about it because if you’re not excited about it and you don’t look at it as like a full lifestyle change to better yourself then it’s going to be like ridiculously hard to stick to it tip number two is out with the old and in with the new what I mean by this is go into your kitchen and get rid of all of the junk food you need to establish what your unhealthy habits are what things that you want to change what things that you know you’re doing that isn’t healthy for you including eating junk food and things like that and don’t feel like you have to go at all of it at the exact same time what I like to do and what I recommend is to set yourself many challenges so I actually have a little like post a wall above my computer where I have like weekly challenges or weekly – dues or things that I just want to get done so you can write down little challenges like this weekend you’re not going to get any sort of takeout food or a I want to drink two liters of honor things like that and once you start doing that enough you’re going to pick up those habits a lot easier and start ditching the old ones which leads me into tip number three and that is to make yourself a fitness plan now this is going to be different for absolutely everybody you don’t have to go to the gym if you hate going to the gym you don’t have to run if you hate running you just have to find whatever source of exercise it is for you that you enjoy doing and that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lift weights go running or do anything like that you could join a dance class you can walk your dog three miles or five kilometers every single day you could just find whatever it is kayaking canoeing anything that’s going to give you some sort of physical exercise that you actually enjoy doing me I love to run but I also love going to the gym I also love to walk my dog I also love to do yoga videos at home I’m not really one to lift weight what I’m trying to get at is to find and establish a workout plan that fits what you enjoy doing but also is going to get you some results tip number four is to eat right you can workout as much as you want but if you’re going home and you’re scarfing down a whole pizza to yourself it’s not really gonna do much for you as you guys know and I do highly highly highly highly recommend researching the vegan lifestyle I’m never pushy about the vegan lifestyle with you guys it’s just something I truly do believe in it is the best decision I ever made in my entire life but even if you don’t necessarily want to go into the vegan mysel although I do recommend it the biggest thing that you can do no matter what sort of meal plan you want to follow is to eat as much Whole Foods as possible when you go grocery shopping try it and grocery shop around the perimeter of the grocery store because that’s right all your natural and Whole Foods are going to be implement a lot of fruits and vegetables into your diet and things that have high minerals and vitamins and just basically nourish your body from the inside right out of grocery lists that you’re not just walking around and aimlessly throwing things into your cart come up with exactly what types of meals you want to make that week so that you’re not tempted when you go to the grocery store to throw a bag of Oreos into your thing or being like I don’t really know what I’m going to make this week so maybe I’ll just grab a bunch of frozen dinners if you have a plan and you go and organize and know exactly what you’re there to get you’re not going to have that temptation to you know throw a bunch of unhealthy foods in your cart as well as making sure that eat a snack or something before going grocery shopping so that you’re not hungry and a little disclaimer that I really do want to throw in here too is calories equals energy so I know that there’s a such a temptation in this day and age and in this world to think that to restrict yourself to restrict your calories is going to make you smaller no matter what you’re doing no matter how hard you feel you’re struggling in terms of getting into a healthy lifestyle or maybe not feeling good in your body right now do not starve yourself in the literal sense calories actually are made up of energy so when you eat calories it gives you the energy to you know laugh with your friends to take your dogs for walks to you know get your brain going and to be creative and to be able to do things that you love to do every day and when you try and starve yourself to create a shortcut to get to where you want to go you’re exhausted you’re irritable your mental health it goes all in a whack your anxiety will raise and your metabolism will slow down and start storing everything as fat so I’m just I just want to make this quick disclaimer to never feel like you need to starve yourself or restrict yourself to get to the type of body type that you’re trying to get to don’t hold any sort of unrealistic expectation on yourself and tip number five to remember it’s a lifestyle change and I know that that is such a cliche thing to say and everybody says it but it is so true you can’t come into this thinking okay well I just want to get a big butt I just want to have a small waist and then once I have that I’ll just drop all the things I’ve learned to go back to the way I was living before and have to fall in love with your life and if you want to be a healthier person then you have to learn to love a healthier lifestyle for yourself you don’t have to force yourself to eat certain things that you don’t want to eat or do certain things you don’t want to do you just have to find a certain lifestyle that has a good balance that works for you that you love that you enjoy listen to your body and listen to what it’s trying to tell you maybe you need to start sleeping more maybe you need to be more hydrated maybe you need to eat better foods maybe you need to get moving maybe you need to you know rest and relax creating a healthy lifestyle isn’t just eating the right foods and working out it’s honestly it’s a well-rounded thing you need to make sure that you’re covering every single playing field in order to make sure that you’re being happy and you’re being healthy and you’re treating yourself right because you deserve it you deserve to put in that time that effort and that money to invest in being a happier and a healthier person I know I sound so preachy right now but I’m telling you one of the biggest things that has ever ever helped me in my life was pushing myself to stop self sabotaging and being lazy and procrastinating doing the right things for my body and just starting to actually do that I am exhausted all the time my moods are all over the place my anxiety is super high that is your body trying to tell you things so listen to it and start implementing changes that are good for you and implementing changes that are going to make you feel better and live a happier and a healthier life so those are all the tips that I have for you guys today in terms of starting a healthier lifestyle if you guys have anything to add be sure to leave it down below and if you guys want to see my current fitness routine than just thumbs up this video because I can definitely do that so I hope you guys enjoyed this episode of you Tober I love you guys to the moon and back and I will see you guys all in tomorrow’s video [Music] [Music]

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