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hello beautiful moving to the Internet I’m Lauren Elizabeth and I have a lot to say so let’s just get into this video because you’re gonna want me to shut up by the end of it that’s for sure today I’m going to be doing the highly highly requested video that I actually am very passionate about and have so much to talk about to you guys and I’m really excited to film and when I get really excited to film sometimes I get really nervous and then talk too much and then second-guess myself so I guess I’ve already filmed this video kind of like a quarter way through and started over because I wanted to start over so let’s hope this one goes well as you guys know the lifestyle rad season of mine and Arden our second season is airing right now on awesomeness TV and it’s all about summer fun and just going out and just like having fun in the Sun and I was so excited for that because not only do I love summer but I love summer no yeah that’s why I was so excited I was also so thankful because a lot of the stuff we did required a lot of actually health and fitness related traits out of us if that’s how you want to say it basically we were out in the Sun all the time on the beach there’s one episode in particular we were actually had to work with a trainer but not on like that episode all the other episodes I was just so thankful that I have really continued this healthy lifestyle of mine for the past eight months I started in the beginning of 2015 I really made a dramatic lifestyle change for myself and have been working with a personal trainer and have never eaten so healthy in my life not perfectly at all but definitely like night and day better since like the past 20 years of my life but I was so happy that I had this kind of healthy lifestyle going into this season of life so rad because I was comfortable in my own skin I was comfortable in these like amazingly cute clothes I didn’t care that I had to workout in tank tops I was really confident and proud of my body I was able to keep up with the personal trainer on that episode we had to go jet skiing in one episode and tubing and I was like so proud of my upper body strength I was just really confident in my swimsuits and my clothes on this whole entire season and it’s one of my favorite things to do in the summer is to go outside in being a bathing suit and workout and go hiking and do the stairs and have a personal trainer and just like do water activities and so health and fitness is really really important to me and I’m so glad I kind of got to show some of that in this season of so rad so that inspired me to kind of finally do a health and fitness question answers so I tweeted that you guys could ask me whatever questions you want about my’s lifestyle or health and fitness in general I talked a little bit about my health and fitness lifestyle in an episode of so rad with our personal trainer where we wear really cute shirts this is one of them right here and they’re the most comfortable shirts in the world I was literally throwing them in people’s faces I’ve been kind of being like touch this it’s amazing but I wanted to go into more depth about my life in fitness and health style oh my god did you hear that health and fitness and lifestyle no it was different life and fitness and health style anyway I’m gonna try to keep these questions short and sweet but I just have so much to say I’m sorry if this video is long I apologize in advance let’s try how do you motivate yourself to get outta bed early in the morning I put myself on a sleep schedule so I go to bed at the same time like every night and wake up at the same time every morning and that actually just like scientifically is the best way to motivate yourself to get out of bed in the morning because now my body is naturally wakes up and I have no choice but to get out of bed I motivate myself by kind of being like oh my god you’re gonna feel so guilty and horrible if you don’t get out of bed like if I don’t workout in the morning then I just think about how I have to workout all day long but if I’d get up in the morning and workout I start my day off on an amazing no I feel great and I just get it out of the way and so knowing that makes me just want to get up and get it over with sometimes do you like working out / running with other people I love working out with other people I hate running I don’t run ever I love work out with other people though because it’s a way to keep going and stay motivated and just like have fun while working out because working I can really easily get in your own head it just depends if you’re kind of like an introverted person or an extroverted person I’m very extroverted so I definitely prefer to work out other people especially a personal trainer because or else I would probably stop working out after 50 minutes what is your typical workout routine so like I’ve said before I have a personal trainer he is amazing god bless his heart he actually has a blog and stuff so I’ll link that down in the description box below as well because he posts videos and stuff which are like the workouts I do we do circuit training I think that’s what it’s called so he’ll like show me like three different exercises and I’ll do each one of those like 25 times and then repeat the whole thing three time I do a lot of weight training I do a lot of ab exercises leg exercises it’s awesome because it’s actually stuff you could do at home as well it’s like although I do use a lot of weights and a lot of machines at the gym if I ever do go on vacation or whatever he can send me different lists of things to do and it’s just like squats lunge curl ups like whatever I just do tons of different exercises like that knowing in a few days and I’m going to be able to have a cookie gets me through the week and then I just have one cookie and then I get through the next week instead of having cookie every day what do you be in a day so in the day I eat breakfast lunch and dinner and then I usually get a snack here and a snack here because it is so so so important to eat please please please please eat I cannot emphasize that enough there’s no point to work out if you’re not going to reward your body for doing that your body needs nutrients to not only give you energy to make you happy to get you through a day to like feed your muscles like in a so important to feed your body like good food and your body deserves it and so do you so eat breakfast lunch dinner have snacks in between those your metabolism is going to be going all day long if you don’t eat all day you’re lowing down your metabolism so much and then whatever you eat at the end of the day your body is gonna store because it’s gonna knows you’re going to put it into starvation mode again the next day so it’s really important to eat all day long I love eating egg whites for breakfast avocado toast for breakfast for lunch I like eating simple like chicken with salad some kind of greens basically I let the protein for lunch with some kind of greens and then for dinner I like having a protein a vegetable a green and sometimes even a grain like a quinoa who’s cool um it’s all about balance dinner is definitely the hardest meal for me because after eating really really healthy all day I’m craving a little something hearty err um so that’s why I’ll do like a turkey burger or like a pasta but like a zucchini pasta or something like that so varies and what I eat per day but I like to focus on protein high protein low carb is usually what I do during the week not on the weekends how do you say want to be to stay healthy like by schedule and not skip days or lazy how I stay motivated is I know I’m gonna feel horrible if I don’t work out I’m not gonna be confident if I don’t work out I feel so much better after a workout Lauren just go work out I work up five days a week every single morning on a schedule being on a schedule gets your body in your mind into habits and then all of a sudden it’s like the easiest thing ever because you’re so used to doing it that you don’t you honestly just feel not right if you don’t do it do what do you recommend for workout clothes slash shoes wear shoes obviously tennis shoes I wear some really really cute ones in the so rad series my favorite thing to workout in obviously is the tank tops from the so rad collection I like these because you’re supposed to obviously shower right after you workout but sometimes I have to run an errand or two and this is the cutest way to go after you workout because you’re still wearing a cute top and it kind of like looks really cute with leggings and then your gym shoes you look like you’re wearing a really cute outfit but you actually just worked out you’re welcome so I like this one which has the dreamcatcher on it and it’s the same color is this with like a different kind of dreamcatcher on it it looks great on my skin tone this whole collection does wow who would have thought and then this one is really really cute it says Wildheart gypsy soul and these are just like the most comfortable lightweight breezy tank top I totally prefer to work out in the tank tops I try working on them t-shirts and stuff and I’m just like sweating and especially if you tie up the tank tops at the bottom it’s a super cute look and it’s just like the perfect casual workout outfit what is your favorite healthy snack I always always go to almonds um hummus with like cucumber or pita bread or something avocado toast is like something that you for breakfast or just snack on honestly um what else I like to always pick up a juice some kind of juice is always a really good go-to snack there’s so many little like I love healthy snacks more than I like healthy food honestly like healthy meals I like helping snacks and healthy food with like all the snacks fruit vegetables eat whatever you can honestly do you eat well every day Monday through Friday is where I try to eat the best Saturday and Sunday I let myself kind of eat whatever I want it’s also good for your metabolism to not eat perfect every single day if you do that’s amazing but it’s okay to have like one little thing every now and then because your metabolism kind of goes over time and then when you go back to eating healthy it’s like ooh healthy food I was just working so hard to get off this cookie now I’m gonna work even harder to get off this healthy food and then you’re like oh I’m feeling so slim I just say the cookie and it’s science and stuff I’m not a nutritionist or a health expert or anything I’m just a girl that has learned a lot over the past 21 years about health and fitness and that it’s very simple there are no tips there are no tricks that are going to like blow your mind it is eat protein eat vegetables eat healthy carbs eat what’s the other one greens workout as much as you can like there’s no little pill or little secret ab trick or whatever that’s going to help you cheat your way to success like you need to put in the work in the effort and that’s it if you if you don’t want to do that you can’t be upset about it when other people do or when you’re not getting the results you want because you have to work for them and it’s hard work so just remember that how ever been into juice detox I don’t really juice I can’t make it through a day with like not eating human food but I do drink juice a lot so I eat food and juice at the same time that’s kind of defeating the purpose but not really because I’m getting so much extra nutrients from the juice instead of like when I’m looking on the go and don’t have time to like eat like a full snack out drinking juice with a protein or whatever and it kind of like keeps me getting my greens if I don’t have time to eat a whole salad I’ll drink the green juice it’s like that kind of thing do you think moving to LA made it easier if you start eating healthier and working out I mean I can’t lie 100% yes like the lifestyle in Los Angeles is obviously extremely healthy and extremely like it’s sunny every day you see people drinking green juice all the time and going hiking and yeah there’s a lot of stereotypes that go along with it but I’m someone who just embraces my surroundings instead of kind of like judges them and I mean I’m very happy with my lifestyle out here I love how I have so many healthy places to go eat in so much juice and people that all want to work out go hiking like it’s amazing I love it so much and it’s honestly made it easier for me and if you obviously don’t live in LA that doesn’t have to be something that like makes it seem like you can’t have the same lifestyle you just have to surround yourself with those people that have the same interests and want to do it with you as well and just kind of stay motivated and know what you want and not let anyone else get in your way how to be more confident be more confident is not comparing your chapter 1 to someone’s like chapter 20 like I would never go on the Victoria Secret page and be like oh my god why don’t I look like that like because they literally dedicate their lives to working out and eating healthy and they are so strong and they are so fit and like obviously that’s why they look amazing but like I can only do so much so I feel like being confident is looking in the mirror and accepting yourself and learning to love yourself because it you will be so much happier that way and there’s no one out there like you and that is such a blessing and not a curse and once you realize that and just rock it and know that there’s probably someone looking at you being like oh I wish I looked like her and you’re looking at her be like oh I wish I looked like her so like stop comparing yourself to other people and just live in your own skin and enjoy it it’s easier said than done but it is something you have to attempt because one day you’ll be thinking yourself for the one day you decided to attempt it because now you’re living such a richer more enjoyable life because you’ve learned to have the self confidence even on the days where it might seem impossible you still have to find that little peace inside of you that’s like you know what I actually do love myself and I’m really happy at me so let’s get through this day favorites movies I love green smoothies I know people are like you know green and I don’t know why but I love green smoothies what’s your haircare routine I included this one because another part of my healthy lifestyle is I take a lot of like vitamins and supplements like I take like these like ones from Sephora and I take just like tons of it biotin and stuff like that and eating healthy and working out someone also asks something a question about skin this is all related like Beauty honestly starts from the inside from your confidence from your self-love and from how you take care of your body you are going to feel so much better when you eat healthier I’m not saying it to be perfect not everyone wants to have a perfect healthy lifestyle that’s fine but there’s certain things you can do that yes even greasy food and drinking alcohol all the time you’re going to have acne like that’s just what’s going to happen and so once you realize that you’re upset with that way that you live you have to just filter those things out of your body and eating healthy and taking a daily vitamin at a daily vitamin like will make you feel so much better people don’t realize it I’m tired I don’t feel good like have you drinking enough water today have you taken a multivitamin have you eaten anything that’s good for you like that’s probably why you don’t feel good at all being healthy and having a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about being able to take a mirror pic with a six-pack it’s about feeling good and feeling confident and like feeling your best self because you only have one life to live so look make the most of it which also means balance it means you don’t have to completely kill yourself over making sure you eat this this and this and work out every single day it’s making sure you’re doing the best you can and also rewarding yourself and enjoying life I’m not someone to say you can never eat McDonald’s again I am someone to say yo you should watch me at McDonald’s cuz that stuff creeps me out sometimes but you know I’m not gonna lie I’ve had a few Mickens in my day so it’s all about finding the balance and finding what works for you in your lifestyle not everyone’s is the same and just learning to love yourself and love your life because like you get one chance so do your best I believe in you I know those videos kind of all over the place but I just I don’t know there’s so much to say about health and fitness because there’s so many people that want to give you secrets and tips and I just want to give you like the straight up honest truth that you are capable of doing it it’s all comes from inside of you it’s little steps each and every day success is all the small efforts of every single day it’s not just one day of Awesomeness it’s like little by little building a better life for yourself you will be so much happier I promise and did that help at all I don’t know if you want to see me work out because I’d only post videos of me working out I did work out on the life so rad series on awesomeness TV as you guys know and make sure to shop our awesome looks at Kohl’s and Kohl’s calm and follow along everything will be linked in the description box below as always I hope you guys enjoyed this vid go and I will see you next week if you have any other questions leave them in the comments below and maybe I’ll make a part 2 video or just make more health and fitness videos I don’t know if that’s something you guys want to see from me and I will always do it in my own voice I’m never gonna be like here’s how to be perfect because it’s just not gonna happen I’ve had to accept that myself and you need you too we’re all in this together don’t forget that make sure to subscribe for more videos I’m gonna shut up now give this video thumbs up if you liked it and now I’m gonna go put on three shirts because that’s how cold I am and that’s how comfortable these are okay okay I love you guys so much

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