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hey guys welcome back to my channel today I’m going to be showing you what I eat in a day so for breakfast I always have a lemon water I’d like to take half a lemon and just squeeze all the juice out as much as I can into a cup and then just put in some cold water then I am just heating up a pan and just spreading a little bit of olive oil in it and I’m going to be preparing some eggs so I’m using just frozen chopped spinach and I like to just kind of throw that in the pan and let that thaw and kind of cook a little bit so while that’s cooking I’m just taking this Giovanni simply 100 blueberry yogurt and putting that into a glass and then I’m just putting it the stuff that they give you with it it’s like granola and blueberries and I’m putting that on it and then I’m just going to be adding some fruit so generally I’ll just add whatever fruit I have and obviously my diet changes everyday so it’s not like I have this every single morning but it’s usually something like this so yeah I’m just adding some kiwi and blueberry then when I am done my yogurt I’m going to continue on with my eggs so I’m just cutting up some tomato to also put in there and I love cherry tomatoes so I almost always use those so then I’m just going to be breaking my eggs in the pan and I just like to use two egg whites and one full egg and we are lucky enough to live next to a market that has farm-fresh eggs and that’s all we eat now is the farm-fresh which is obviously way better than ones that have been sitting on a shelf forever so then I’m just adding my tomatoes and adding my mrs. dash seasoning without salt and then right towards the end when the eggs are almost cooked all the way I like to add soy sauce and this is the low-sodium soy sauce and I just do a splash of that and then I let that simmer for about 30 more seconds and then I played it so today happen to be my day off and after breakfast I will always clean the apartment and then go straight to the gym and after the gym I know I’m going to be starving so I will always pack myself a snack and so I packed myself a kind bar and an apple and generally I will eat that while I run errands and everything before I can get home to make lunch so for lunch today I am just heating up a pan in a little bit of virgin oil and then I’m going to be throwing in one cup of water and one cup of brown rice to season my rice I’m just adding some sea salt and garlic powder stirring that around and then letting that simmer in a separate pan I’m heating up some more oil and then I’m going to be cutting up some fresh asparagus and just throwing that in the pan then again I’m using my mrs. dash seasoning to flavor my asparagus and then I’m just scooping the rice into a bowl and topping it with the asparagus and I also heated up some black beans that I had just kind of left over so I’m putting that around the edge of my bowl and I probably used a cup of black beans and then I also cut up some more fresh cherry tomatoes and put those right on top then I always like my rice super spicy so I’m adding some sriracha and then I am adding this Greek yogurt ranch dressing which I have been loving and I’m just adding about a tablespoon of that on top and I do want to mention guys that I work out six days a week and have a really high metabolism because of that so I’m always starving and this may seem like a lot of food which it is but I am constantly hungry because of how much I workout so about two hours later I’m having a snack after lunch so I’m just having some unsweetened Cheerios and then topping that with some walnuts and also adding some blueberries and just a tip guys I really like eating out of a coffee cup it really helps me portion my fianceé always makes fun of me but it helps my portion size instead of making a huge bowl of cereal it only allows me to make a small one anyway I just topped that with some soy milk and had that for a snack then for dinner I decided to make a smoothie so I’m adding some frozen pineapple and just throwing about a half a cup of that in the blender and then I am taking some frozen blueberries and adding those over the top and then also adding some mango that I had cut up and thrown in the freezer a few days ago so I’m just throwing that in along with some Chobani it’s like pineapple coconut yogurt I think just one scoop of that and then using some vitae Coco coconut water in the lemonade flavor for just some liquid it helps blend it up and then I’m adding some soy milk as well and some chia seeds and then just blending that all together normally I would add half an avocado but we didn’t have any but that’s really my favorite thing to add into a smoothie it just makes it super creamy and yummy but this was pretty good and that is what I had for dinner so I had had an early dinner and I was hungry again around 7:30 or 8 o’clock so I’m just making this salad and it’s like an Asian mixed salad that you get at the grocery store and it comes with this sesame ginger dressing and some flavored almonds so I’m just throwing that in and mixing those all up and then on the side I’m also having some like pop corners I think they’re called in the white cheddar flavor which are my favorite so yeah guys I really hope you enjoyed this video and seeing what I eat in a day I love you guys so much thank you for watching and I’ll see you in my next video bye you

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